Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Sunshine

After a long day of a long week, a group of us headed out to make the most of an evening off. That I had opportunity to see any movie in a theatre and I chose to re-view "Little Miss Sunshine" should indicate my fondness for the Hoovers and their story.

Life imitated art this evening as the simple task of meeting up the group proved comical. En route, I figured out we had been directed to the wrong theatre. I proceeded onward to see if the others decided to see another movie or left a message for me. Nope.

After getting rudimentary directions to the other cinema, I sped through Brantford eventually finding myself at the right place. Receiving a perfunctory smile from the security guard, I hastened to the box office and was granted entry to the theatre to check if my compatriots were there. Yep.

I returned to the ticket counter to pay for my admission and settled in for some hilarious and compelling fun. The hijinks didn't end there; after the movie ended and we ran to our cars à la Uncle Frank's character, we heard the bellowed command, "STOP!" echo through the deserted mall hall.

Thinking it was the other group, we each ran faster. "I SAID 'STOP!'" Turns out the twenty-something security guard was not amused. It was some pretty sweet sweetness.

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