Saturday, October 28, 2006

Sabbath Study

After a week of intense intentionality, critical study and emotional investment, there wasn't much left in the energy or intellectual reserves to manage worship preparation or leadership. Anticipating this, we've arranged for pulpit supply on Sunday.

Seeing as it's still my study leave, I'm reading defrocked Matthew Fox's manifesto on education for wisdom, not knowledge, and Brian McLaren's re-imagining faith in a postmodern world as A Generous Orthodoxy.

To help recharge my batteries and get reacquainted with my family, we headed off to Chatham's Wheels Inn for some rest and relaxation. I still managed to take Rei mini-golfing for the first time where she would set her ball down a few feet from the hole and hockey sweep her ball in. She delighted in "putting the ball in the numbered holes".

A dip in the pool before supper went well. Given the cold and windy weather, we appreciated the indoor wonder that is the Wheels Inn.

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