Monday, October 23, 2006

Meet Vas

One of the icebreaker games tonight featured Post-It notes affixed to our backs with an anatomical body part written on it. Using "yes" or "no" questions, we had to guess what our body part was.

Remembering how much I enjoyed biology and confident in my ability, I opted for the "more challenging" version. I deduced that I was an internal organ found in the male body and feeling pretty confident that I would solve my riddle, when someone asked me a question about their Post-It note: "Fimbria". I had no clue (guessing it was female by process of hesitant elimination) and confessed my ignorance and inability to help.

Suddenly, I grew quite fearful that I would not know what I was and just started blurting male body parts. "Vas deferens?" Yes! and on my first try. My fallbacks were epididymis or prostate.

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