Friday, October 13, 2006


I finally realized today was Friday the 13th at supper when I heard it mentioned on CBC. Good thing I didn't know that when I was in the midst of a busy day with the kids: going to Tales for Tots at the library; travelling to London, via Strathroy where I retrieved my forgotten Nalgene water bottle; stopping in at the regional church office to drop something off and pick something else up; and our Asian food store for some short-grained rice, wasabi, a cookie delight known as "Pocky" and other sundry items.

My Dashboard dictionary defines triskaidekaphobia as "extreme superstition regarding the number thirteen". I think maybe it needs to address the "phobia" part of the word because I superstitiously go out of my way to embrace 13.

Part of it is my contrary nature; another part is my sense of numerical justice,
to counteract the bad reputation 13 has. Let the rumours of Satanic affiliation begin to ripple through Arkona. After all, I am a proud member of The United Church of Canada...

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