Sunday, May 08, 2005

Everyone's a Critic

Part of the Learning Circle routine has involved going to the movies with Learning Partner Michelle to make the most of the impending day off. After claiming respective high scores (#1 - 150, #2 - 117) on The Simpsons arcade game, Keith bailing out on our quest to rescue baby Maggie to play Rocky and Bullwinkle pinball, our disdainful and irreverent selves delighted in the enlightened chatter of the masses at the cinema.

As the preview information for The Dukes of Hazzard movie was shown, we caught snippets of conversation that featured an indignant voice protesting: "...that's YOUR show [presumably Dukes, the original]; MY show was MacGyver!"

We also overheard a compelling review about House of Wax, from a discerning critic on her cell phone that sounded something like: "that was the most awesome movie ever. It was awesome. You should go see it. It's the best. It's awesome."

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