Sunday, May 22, 2005

Home again home again, jiggedy jig

The airport reunion was pretty much as I imagined and hoped with a smiling Rei running towards me for a big hug and a happy "DADDYYYYY!" ringing through the terminal. It is so good to be home and with "my girls" (not that I claim possession of them; rather, affirming that my place is with them).

Shelley likes the locally-crafted pottery vase I brought her from The Forks. Rei likes her flashlight (no unique Manitoba connection) that features transparent filters that project shadow images of planes, trains and automobiles. Seeing as she thought I was on a plane for most of my time away, I thought she'd like the flashlight better than a West Jet replica toy.

I had to make a quick readjustment to the new twists to the bedtime routine: reading Goodnight Moon, lighting the nightlight, positioning Pooh bear and pillow just right, and the literal uncovering of feet (emphatically not in the metaphorical biblical sense!) from her blanket.

Sweet dreams, my sweeties.

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