Friday, May 06, 2005

Meet James Ensor

It was a day of musical discovery, obscurity and nostalgia. After paying for my accommodations at the University of Winnipeg Residence Office, I browsed the campus bookstore and came away with another local CD: The Paperbacks' An Episode with Sparrows. (Last year it was The Weakerthans, who continue to receive steady eartime).

I was reminded of 80's hair rock during my grocery shopping excursion at The Bay ... Rick Springfield was playing in the background. Oh Jesse, you and your girl!

Back in class, our afternoon session on the liturgical season of Lent featured a merry, jaunty Lenten hymn and a station-to-station gallery display of various aspects of the Christic Passion story. One of the art pieces was
Christ's Entry into Brussels in 1889 which elicited thoughts of They Might Be Giants.

(The connection to this entry's title, "Meet James Ensor", is a reference to song 15 on TMBG's release John Henry. Said Mr. Ensor is the artist of the Jesus-on-parade-in-Belguim work).

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