Thursday, May 19, 2005


The limo came early and we scrambled to retreat into silence and contemplation at St. Benedict’s.

Working with Sr. Marie, I ended up re-engaging the story of Jairus' daughter, the one that had me freaked out on the weekend. Further reflection with this text was unintentional; the mistyped suggestion was Mark 5: 4: 35-41, with intention being the story about Jesus calming the storm in Mark 4: 35-41.

I went with the story of Jairus’ daughter being healed, raised from death/sleep. At first I thought the idea of sleep leapt out at me because I hadn't had any yet. But, it became clear that sleep was associated with safety and security. We sleep best when free from worry and distress.

Funny, actually it's tragic, how one has to suffer through pain and loss before knowing comfort and assurance. And sleep. I predict many naps.

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