Sunday, May 22, 2005

Leaving on a WestJet plane

Pretty much everything is packed up and fitting just so in my luggage. My educational sojourn has concluded and 19 days later, I must be getting back to dear Ark-o-ona.

On the way to sushi last night, a drive by Lions Manor revealed Brenda Miller's window decoration still in place. Too bad I won't be around tonight to do as locals do: race up and down Portage Avenue. In spite of this deficiency in my Winnipeg experience, I am quite content to bid a fond farewell.

So long to The Nook, Bella Vista, Fort Garry Dark Ale, Towne 8 Cinemas, Stella's Cafe & Bakery, Terraces of Tuxedo, and many more people and memories of Friendly Manitoba.

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