Saturday, May 21, 2005

Tourist in Winnipeg

Unleashed into the world from the convent, and after saying good-bye to most of my co-retreatants, Leah, Amira and I embarked on an afternoon of tourism in the ubiquitous silver Honda Civic. In what is likely my last time in Winnipeg (for the foreseeable future), we found a toy store, Mountain Equipment Co-op, the Forks, and Ta-Ke Sushi for supper.

The evening featured play time with a wide-awake Amira and viewing
Hotel Rwanda. Yeah, nice light fare. It is a powerful film about a horrific story and well worth watching. Only, one has to be prepared and in the mood for bravery amid inhumanity, compassion amid genocide and residual feelings of helplessness, disgust and resolve.

A wonderful day, even if it was a Catan-less one. Pauvre Omar remained in Ontario for a phantom practice exam. Bastardo.

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