Monday, May 30, 2005

Should be tired

Rei and her parents had a busy day. It began with a visit to the doctor, where the pediatric orthopedist prescribed some orthotics for our flat-footed, flexible-ankled, over-protonating child (she takes after her father). Morning snack featured treats at the hospital Tim Horton's.

A spontaneous visit to a riverside, Saturn-sponsored park featuring swings, slides and geese followed. Next up was a quick stop at Scholar's Choice for a painting smock, fast-food lunch at Wendy's, an arduous clean-up of a poop explosion, and some peaceful moments of eventual naptime.

Pushing our luck even further, we went swimming at the local pool which went surprisingly well. Then, supper and a trip to the park next door where the first trips down the tall, spiral slide were taken.

Yes, Rei should be tired. Instead she's busy looking at the cartoon raccoons on her diaper.

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