Friday, May 20, 2005

Silence Is Golden

So what does one do on a silent retreat? Whatever it takes for stillness in life and awareness of holiness within oneself and in one's life. To make the most of the opportunity to simply be.

Today I did numerous crossword puzzles, worked on my reverse applique finger labyrinth until I lost my sewing needle. (Sr. Marie says puzzles and crafts help focus the mind - who was I to argue?)

I listened to music, walked the grounds, sat under a tree and just was. At one point, I felt myself sinking into its roots and rising up in its branches ... a wonderful connection to creation and all that is in it. A Buddha moment for sure. Speaking of the enlightened one, I also read a few chapters/books of
Killing the Buddha.

I went to chapel, chanted and prayed with the sisters. My omission of the Hail Mary due to Protestant ignorance was replaced by fascination at the fact that she was praying for my sins and heavenly delivery. That's nice of her.

We had a campfire as night fell, we watched the flames and avoided mosquitoes and ticks. (For the record: one sheet of newspaper + one match = ignition). Evening came, and then morning: the silent day.

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